Mikvah.Org to Hold Summer Learning Series

Mikvah.org will be holding a summer learning series, with in-person classes and podcasts. This week’s sessions will present the Rebbe’s views on boundaries between genders with Mrs. Miryam Piekarski.

New Event: For those in the New York area, Mrs. Esther Piekarski will be teaching two classes on Wednesday, 16 Tammuz, July 5 on Building Connections.

See the below flyer for more details.

This week the Summer Learning Series continues with two of the three sessions about The Rebbe’s Views on Boundaries Between Genders with Mrs. Miryam Piekarski.

The classes will be available for listening at mikvah.org/audio.
See below flyers for more information on this week’s classes and the full calendar.

Last week’s classes by Mrs. Shifra Sharfstein about the Ma’amer Pru Urvu are now available for listening on all podcast platforms.

Click here to listen now!

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