Mikvah.org Has Raised 60% Of Their Fundraising Goal – Can You Help Out?

Mikvah.org has impacted hundreds of thousands of women and families in the past half a century. Now they need your help to continue their important work and expand the valuable services that they offer to the community.

Mikvah.org is an organization on a mission.

That mission is to educate and inspire Jewish women across the globe to increase in their Taharas Hamishpacha observance. 

Their extensive selection of life changing podcasts and webinars have inspired thousands to implement practical changes in their everyday lives. 

The dozens of Kallah teachers who have been certified through their training course leave empowered, informed and ready to give over the beauty of this fundamental mitzvah in a way that it will be implemented with joy in the future homes of Am Yisroel. 

Their materials are available both in print and online and have been translated into many languages in order to reach women across the globe. 

The Mayim Chayim Fund provides grants to Mikvaos to help them complete their construction. Thanks to Mikvah.org, many Mikvaos whose progress was stalled midway due to financial circumstances were able to open to the public.

When COVID 19 swept across the globe and stay at home orders became the norm, the question on everybody’s mind was: “What about Mikvah?” 

Mikvah.org immediately worked to establish networks of communication and to consolidate the ever changing protocols so that Mikvahs could remain open throughout the duration of the Pandemic.

Perhaps most notably, their app, My Mikvah Calender, helps 10,000 women track their cycles and calculate their vestos, enabling them to fulfill the mitzvah of Taharas HaMishpacha with precision and convenience. 

Mikvah.org has been a lifeline to so many women who were faced with spiritual, emotional and technical obstacles that prevented them from observing the mitzvah of Mikvah correctly.

Now, they need your help.

The Mikvah.org Auction is only one week away from its conclusion and they still have 40% left to raise!

Can you join them in changing the lives of women across the globe?

Participate in the Mikvah.org Auction today!


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