Mikvah.Org Announces Raffle Winners

The lucky winners of the Mikvah.org auction have been announced.

Making waves isn’t easy. It’s even less so when it comes to a topic as sensitive and as important as Taharas Hamishpacha.

That’s why your participation in the mikvah.org auction makes all the difference.

The 2nd annual Mikvah.org auction drawing took place yesterday, with over 2000 people from all over the world joining together to make an impact and win big in the process.

Thank you to our worldwide community for supporting our mission to make Taharas Hamishpacha easier for thousands of families. Your participation enables us to continue providing important mikvah tools, resources, and education to those who need it.

Congratulations to our lucky winners:

Yetta Krinsky $1,000 worth of groceries from Costco.

Toby Laufer 5 hours of Mesuder Organized

Mendel and Sara Benzecry Win a palette and wardrobe consultation with Jessica

Monash Overlander $1,000 to HaSofer

Zalmen Raskin $3,000 Cash

E. Rappaport $1,500 to spend in Betzalel Art Gallery

Avrohom Gerlitzky $850 gift card to Amazon. 

Perel Krasnjansky $1,000 shopping spree in Anthropologie

Rivka Sperlin $1,000 to spend at Drimmers Appliances

Sara Zalmanov $700 worth of brand new, soft, supple linen from Elegant Linen.

Menachem freeman $4,000 to spend at L. Laine Jewelers,

Sarale Wilhelm $1,000 to spend between Judaica World and The Seforim Place.

Refoel Gurevitch $500 to spend in the Container Store

Faye Wilbur $2,000 to Wayfair.

Shimon Rosenberg Dyson V11 Vacuum

Menachem Rapoport $800 to spend at Crate and Barrel

Devorah Lederman A Lace Top Shani Wig

Frayda Flint $1,000 to the Apple store

Mushka Lowenstein $1,500 to Everything But The Baby

Dina Blesofsky A brand new Snoo smart bassinet

Esther Lax $1,500 to spend in Nordstrom

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