Mikvah Building Begins at Kingston Mesivta

The Lubavitch Mesivta of Kingston PA has begun the construction of a mikvah for the yeshiva. But first, they were treated to an elaborate shiur on the history of mikvaos by mikvah expert Rabbi Gershon Grossbaum.

By Anash.org reporter

A new mikvah is being constructed at the Lubavitch Mesivta of Kingston PA to meet the needs of the growing yeshiva. To this end, the yeshiva brought Rabbi Gershon Grossbaum, a renowned expert at mikvah construction, to design and guide the project.

Before checking the premises, bochurim were given an elaborate shiur on the history of mikvaos in Klal Yisroel. Rabbi Grossbaum described the ancient mikvaos that were a spring in a cave, medieval mikvaos that were dug deep into the ground, mikvaos on rivers, and finally the contemporary mikvah. He explained the advantages and challenges of each one and the innovations of the Alter Rebbe and Rebbe Rashab.

Following the shiur, Rabbi Grossbaum visited the site where the mikvah will be built. As the bochurim looked on, he inspected the area and outlined plans for a mikvah that will accommodate the growing Mesivta. Construction has already started, and it is estimated to be completed around Purim.

For more information about the Kingston Mesivta visit KingstonMesivta.org. Registration for 5783 is open, and space is limited.

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