Midnight Mission at Bobover Rebbe’s Kever in New Jersey

At midnight on Lag Baomer, Or Hachassidus’ seforim mobile came to the Bobover Rebbe’s kever in New Jersey to serve the thousands of visitors. Seforim were also sold in Boro Park, Kiryas Yoel, Lakewood, and Williamsburg.

This year, due to the security situation in northern Israel, hundreds of thousands of people were unable to visit the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (Rashbi) in Meron. In response, the Or Hachasidus Institute decided to bring the spirit of Rashbi to tens of thousands of people during Lag BaOmer and the surrounding days with its iconic mobile seforim store. It is well known that the teachings of Chasidus are, in essence, an expression of Rashbi and his mission.

One of the prominent locations where seforim were sold was the Bobover Rebbe’s kever in New Jersey, which attracts thousands of visitors on Lag BaOmer. Rabbi Levi Azimov, shliach to South Brunswick New Jersey, helped arrange the visit. And took care of many of the logistics. Sifrei Chassidus were also sold in dozens of other locations, such as Boro Park, Kiryas Yoel, Lakewood, and Williamsburg.

In some places, like Lakewood, heavy rain fell in the days leading up to Lag BaOmer. However, Or Hachasidus was prepared for this and installed special canopies on their trucks to ensure that nothing would stop a Jew from purchasing Hasidic books.

Rabbi Avraham Mann, director of Or Hachasidus, notes: “When a Jew in Monsey approaches you on Lag BaOmer afternoon and asks for advice on which book to buy to start studying Tanya, Rashbi is right there with him!” This is indeed a true story that happened in Monsey, but it repeats itself every Lag BaOmer in many places where we sell Hasidic books. Particularly in the complex situation we are currently facing, many people seek to awaken and illuminate their lives through the study of the inner teachings of Torah, Rashbi’s Torah.

It goes without saying that this effort, like other initiatives to spread the light of Hasidut, was made possible solely due to the mobilization of anash, particularly the residents of the Crown Heights, who provided financial support, as well as the mobilization of dozens of young men who contributed physically to the success of the sales.

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