Midnight Bonfire Farbrengen Uplifts Unit of Fallen Soldiers

After two soldiers from an elite unit were killed in Gaza, the commander canceled a barbecue with live music organized by shluchim. Instead, they held a bonfire farbrengen in the forest at which 10 soldiers committed to daily teffilin.

Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz of Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida and his son Rabbi Peretz Meir Simcha Minkowicz assistant Rabbi at Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida together with two members of their community Taryn and Bob set out on a Solidarity Mission to Israel to bring support to the Soldiers and Citizens of Israel. 

We had scheduled a barbecue with live Music for an elite unit in the Army fighting in Gaza. Unfortunately, two soldiers were killed so the Commander did not feel it was appropriate to celebrate with a Barbecue and Music and he cancelled the event.

Rabbi Minkowicz suggested how about a Chasidic Farbrengen in memory of the two soldiers that were killed. The commander liked the idea & suggested a Midnight Bonfire in the Forest with Pizza.

We gathered for a Midnight Farbrengen around a Bonfire with Pizza. The soldiers shared their deep feelings and struggles that the war brings to them and the Farbrengen is healing as it allows them to get out all the negative emotions this way they can continue fighting for the Jewish people without the negative energy sitting inside them.

World-renowned Chazzan Dovid Caytak sang a heartfelt Mi Sheberach for the soldiers and offered anyone who wants to commit to putting on Teffilin every day he would present them with a pair of Teffilin. Initially, three soldiers committed. Then Rabbi Minkowicz explained the power of the Teffilin that by putting on Teffilin the enemy is afraid of you so 2 more committed. As the Farbrengen went on, 5 more soldiers committed to daily Teffilin we ended the powerful and moving Farbrengen with 10 soldiers committing to daily Teffilin they were each presented with a beautiful pair of Teffilin and siddur.

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