Miami Building Will Double as Yeshiva and Chabad House

In one week, the Miami Semicha Program is scheduled to close on a building that will also serve as a French Chabad House. They need your help.

When Mendy came to the Miami Semicha Program it was only to please his parents and finish “The System”. He had no interest in learning beyond the bare minimum and certainly not to grow in his Chassidishkeit. Yet at the Semicha Program he discovered people who cared for him as a person in a way he had seldom received in Yeshiva. That changed his attitude and his life. He is now the proud Chassidishe head of a beautiful family.

The Miami Semicha Program has provided over 200 bochurim with warmth, care and a renewed enthusiasm for learning that some had lost over time. It’s almost 20 years since the Miami Semicha Program opened its doors. The time has come for a permanent place the yeshiva can call home.

When Jennifer and Jonathan (not their real names) and their family arrived in Miami from France they felt lost. They had to completely rebuild their life. How could they navigate the difficulties ahead all alone without speaking the language?

The French Chabad was there for them. They received a warm welcome and discovered a new family. The women’s groups embraced Jennifer, and Jonathan was able to learn in his native language, French. Their children were placed in Jewish schools thanks to Rabbi Frankforter’s efforts.

Rabbi Yisroel Frankforter, the dean of the Semicha Program is also the founder and director of the French Chabad. The Chabad House provides for the needs, both spiritual and material, of the thousands of French Jews who had to leave France due to antisemitism and found themselves in a strange land with a strange language. The time has come for a permanent place for their Chabad House to call home.

Your donation provides a warm and caring environment for Mendy and the other bochurim who need to grow under the care of a deeply connected Hanholo. You will help Jennifer and Jonathan’s family by ensuring they receive all the help they need.

Please donate now to our capital campaign. We have a location, but closing is on December 17th, less than 2 weeks away and we still need funds.

To donate, click here.

You care and they know it.

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