Metaverse Museum Displays Works by LEC Miami Students

After students of LEC Miami created presentations on figures from Jewish history, their works were uploaded to a MetaVerse museum for permanent, virtual display.

To life it came, hundreds of years of rich history. It is never easy educating our youth on their past, but this past year the LEC Middle School designated a mini-mester just for that.

Students began with learning and researching about a figure ranging from the Gaonic period, just up until the Baal Shem Tov. Leaders, Torah Giants, Tzadikim, Halachic Codifiers the talk of school was who you were researching and what interesting facts you were able to uncover.

A wide range of guest speakers with vast knowledge of history were brought in to enhance the month-long mini-mester ensuring students continued to remain inspired on our rich history.

The mini-mester concluded with every student displaying his research, his stories and ideas uncovered on their topic.

The display was open to elementary students, parents and friends and it was set up like a museum. Students took notes on each project while teachers rated them in a private voting system to decide the award-winning projects. Round trip tickets to the Rebbes Ohel, and seforim were awarded.  

Rabbi Mendy Shachar went so far as to create a MetaVerse museum for students to be able to permanently view the projects in a virtual museum. You can see the museum here –

Special thank you was given to Rabbi Yakov Garfinkel, Rabbi Mendy Shachar– Program Director, Rabbi Chezki Unsdorfer – Middle School Mashpia, Rabbi Nochum Schapiro – Curriculum Director and Mrs. Rivka Cohen for their efforts in launching the program.

“It goes without saying all of the  Rebbeim of Middle School deserve accolades for their efforts bringing this project to life,” organizers said.

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