Meta Asks for Shluchim’s Opinion on “From the River” War-Cry

The social technology company ‘Meta’ is conducting an in-depth survey of how professionals and clergy members have been impacted by the ‘From the River to the Sea’ chant. They turned to to get Shluchim’s opinion.

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As pro-Palestine protests make an uproar across college campuses in America, the tech giant company ‘Meta’ is conducting an in-depth survey about the extensive damage the cry “From the river to the sea, Palestine should be free” has caused. To get Shluchim’s opinion on the matter, the oversight board has turned to

Shluchim, clergy, and others whose professional lives might have been impacted by these phrases are invited to fill out this survey to make the Jewish voices heard loud and clear amongst all the chaos and anti-Israel propaganda. The pro-Palestine cause has swamped the social media platforms of Tiktok, Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), and Instagram with vile propaganda that has riled up the American youth with angry cries of “genocide” and has spread anti-Semitic rage across the world disguised as its very close relative, “anti-Zionism”.

By filling out the survey and letting your voice be heard, you are giving valuable information to the media giants who own these propaganda-filled social media platforms, and can change the algorithms and flag harmful accounts that directly impact the Jewish community worldwide.

The survey is being conducted to find out if the chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine should be free”, violates their community standards. As a blatant anti-Israel and anti-Semitic chant that is calling upon the United Arab communities to come together and destroy the state of Israel and push all of its inhabitants into the sea, it is an abomination that this abhorrent rally-cry hasn’t yet been banned outright.

The survey wants to gauge the impact the chant has had on businesses since October 7. Shluchim who have witnessed the impact this has had on their communities and organizations, and businessmen who interact with customers over social media, can fill it out and be certain that Meta will take the feedback very seriously, as they have assured those conducting this important research.

If you have any information you can contribute, please fill out the link here:

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