Meta Blocks Shliach’s Daf Yomi Facebook Page

The Facebook page containing daily Daf Yomi shiurim by shliach Rabbi Shlomo Köves and the only such shiurim in Hungarian has been suddenly blocked by Meta who stated simply that it “transgressed the community policy of Facebook.”


Meta has blocked the only Daf Yomi shiur in Hungary. The parent company of Facebook’s social media platform has blocked the social media page of one of Hungary’s best-known rabbis, Shlomo Köves, the chief rabbi of the EMIH – Hungarian Jewish Federation, an affiliate of Chabad.

The Facebook page of Rabbi Köves has been inaccessible since Sunday afternoon, after the social media giant notified the rabbi by email that his page had been restricted. Meta has not given an explanation for the move, other than stating that the “Rabbi’s page has transgressed the community policy of Facebook”, so the question remains as to the reason for the move to restrict freedom of expression in this way.

Rabbi Köves’ Facebook page featured mainly his daily Daf Yomi classes, the first such study-series in Hungarian. The first ever Hungarian Daf Hayomi, with over a hundred daily followers on Facebook, was blocked on the day Rabbi Koves’ group was celebrating the 1600th Shiur of the 14th Daf Hayomi Cycle.

Rabbi Köves’ Facebook page typically featured topics related to Judaism and the Jewish community, but it is also the largest platform for his daily Talmud study group, known as Daf Yomi.

It is unclear whether the block was due to Jewish religious issues, community issues, or perhaps Talmud learning, or his unequivocal support for Israel under attack by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas that led to the block, but whatever the reason may be, Meta certainly owes an explanation.

Sources in the Jewish community say that there is an anti-Semitic attempt on social media, to silence the large shiur in the Hungarian language.

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  1. Wow, what an overt, blatant act antisemitism by a mega social media company. Hope it’s a blip or mistake somehow, but might need legal attention. Shocking. Maybe a recent Harvard graduate became CEO there?

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