Meseches Sukkah Comes To Life For Ohr Menachem Students

Photos: Shalom Ross/

The students in Ohr Menachem made model sukkahs to celebrate completing their first ever sefer Mishanyos, meseches Sukkah.

Upon completing their first complete meseches mishnayos ever, the Talmidim of Kita Gimmel of Cheder ‘Ohr Menachem’ prepared a special presentation. With outstanding guidance of their rebbi Rabbi Tanchum Abrams, they prepared models of each and every Sukkah described in Maseches Sukkah.

A festive seuda was prepared celebrating this momentous occasion. Talmidim were joined by their parents who listened to the siyum and the beginning of the next mesechta. Following the seuda, each talmid presented his model sukkah to the beaming parents.

“Was a treat, and real special taste of the fantastic classroom our children enjoy with Rabbi Abrams every day, Bli Ayin Hara,” shared one very grateful parent.

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