Men’s Group at Living Chassidus Fosters Community and Support

Living Chassidus is an organization dedicated to providing support and guidance for single and newly married men and women who come to Crown Heights. They have recently opened a new Men’s division to cater to their specific needs.

By: Rabbi Sharon Weiss

Living Chassidus is an organization dedicated to providing support and guidance for single and newly married men and women who come to Crown Heights. Our goal is to help individuals integrate the teachings of Chassidus into their daily lives through community, learning, and practical application.

At Living Chassidus, we understand that the transition to living in Crown Heights can be challenging, especially for those who are new to the community. We provide a welcoming environment where individuals can feel at home, make connections with others and find the support they need to navigate this new chapter in their lives.

Our programs are designed to provide practical skills. We offer classes on topics such as Shalom Bayis and Shidduchim, life skills, preparations for upcoming yomim tovim and Chassidishe yomim tovim as well as opportunities for Torah learning. Our events and social gatherings provide an opportunity for community members to come together and build connections in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

After ten years of providing programming for women, Living Chassidus has opened a SEPARATE men’s division. One of our recent men’s events was a barbecue where we were able to bring together members of the community for an evening of Hakhel. This event was a great success and gave individuals the chance to bond over food and conversation. Rabbi Weiss gave practical tips on how to stay on course with learning Rambam, Chitas, and Sota. We look forward to hosting more events like this in the future and to building a strong and supportive community for all.

Living Chassidus also celebrated a very special wedding for one of our female members. The wedding was filled with joy, love, and celebration as the Chosson and Kallah began their journey together as a married couple. We were proud to be a part of this special occasion and to support the couple as they started their new life together. Living Chassidus hosted a Sheva Brachos for the couple where family and friends could celebrate with the new couple over delicious food and divrei Torah.

During the Sheva Brachos we hosted, we were delighted to announce that the Kallah had translated the famous “GPS for the Soul” into Portuguese.  We are inspired by her dedication and commitment to translating Tanya and are honored to have her as a member of Living Chassidus. 

The message and goal of Living Chassidus are that Chassidus should be lived through real-life practical application. We believe that Chassidus is supposed to be lived and not just learned. By providing support and guidance to individuals as they navigate this new chapter in their lives, we hope to foster a community where everyone can support each other and gain inspiration.

If you are a single or newly married man or woman who lives in Crown Heights, we invite you to join us at Living Chassidus. Our community is warm and welcoming, and we are here to help you on your journey. Visit our website or social media pages to learn more about our programs and events, and how you can get involved.

Living Chassidus’ classes are available online here.

Shiur with Rabbi Weiss entiteld, “Chassidus About the Wedding”

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