Menorahs Arrive In Time Despite Supply Chain Delay

Despite global supply chain delays which are holding up countless items, 47,000 Menorah kits are now safely ensconced in Merkos 302’s warehousing facility, with many already being shipped out to Shluchim across the country.

As Chanukah draws closer, thousands of Chabad Shluchim have been waiting with bated breath. A shipping container holding the many thousands of menorahs Shluchim depend on each year has been stuck in limbo amidst a global supply chain crisis.

The growing success of the Ambassadors of Light program has sent demand for the compact, easily distributed, mivtzoim Menorahs skyrocketing. Many Shluchim have begun holding pre-Chanukah events to distribute the kits to their community members, who in turn share the Menorahs with their family and friends. As such, having a sizable number in stock before Chanukah has become invaluable.

A project of Chabad-Lubavitch Mitzvah Society, Chabad Young Professionals, and CTeen, Ambassadors of Light encourages Jews of all walks of life to share the Mitzvah of Menorah with their family, friends, and colleagues. With Chanukah just days away, some Shluchim began to wonder if they would be able to distribute the necessary Menorahs to their communities this year.

“Usually, we have the menorahs in stock well before Chanukah,” said Rabbi Beryl Frankel, Director of Chabad Young Professionals.

Merkos 302 orders the signature light, tin Menorahs six months in advance most years. This year, even six months was cutting it close. With the clock ticking, the crew at Merkos 302 worked with multiple international logistics companies to expedite the menorah shipment. 

Getting a slot on a ship out of China has become a challenge in its own right. A worldwide shipping container shortage has brought up prices and made competition unusually fierce. Upon arrival in America, the container met a backlog of cargo ships waiting days to unload at overwhelmed ports. Finally, delays at US Customs proved one last hurdle before the Menorahs were trucked off across the country, bound for New York.

Finally, today, the Menorahs arrived.

47,000 Menorah kits are now safely ensconced in Merkos 302’s warehousing facility. More than half are already being shipped out to Shluchim across the country. As word of their arrival spreads, orders are rushing in. 

Available in customizable branding for CKids, Chabad Young Professionals, CTeen, and the Mitzvah Society. 

Menorahs can be ordered online at

“We’ve been writing to the Ohel every step of the process,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302, “it’s a miracle they arrived on time. Shluchim are counting on this to share the light of Chanukah with their communities. Their hard work pushed us to do everything in our power to get the Menorahs here promptly,” 

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