Menorah Greets Travelers to Africa’s Most Populous City

11 Chanuka menorahs have been placed in airports and around Lagos, Nigeria the most populous city in Africa. The airport serves as the entry point for hundreds of Jewish passengers.

Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria joined the class of airports celebrating Chanuka.

Chabad of Lagos, Nigeria directed by Rabbi Mendy and Mazal Sternbach worked closely with the Managing Director of FAAN (Federal Airport Authority Nigeria) Mr. Mohamed Mammam, Corporate Affairs, amongst other federal agencies to place several Chanuka Menorahs around the Nigerian airport.

What usually would take weeks of bureaucracy was settled over the weekend thanks to the personal attention given by the Managing Director of FAAN.

The Lagos airport serves as the primary entry point for the hundreds of Jewish monthly passengers.

While the menorahs were being installed, Rabbi Sternbach received a call from the Managing Director saying that he’s been watching the installation over the security cameras and he would like to have menorahs placed in the new terminal as well!

All told, the Chabad placed 11 menorahs around Lagos, the most populated city in the continent of Africa.

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