Memory of Simchas Torah at 770 Made Netanyahu Turn Pale

At a recent meeting with PM Bibi Netanyahu, Rabbi Berl Lazar pointed out to him that at the exact time the horrifying Simchas Torah attacks took place this year, Netanyahu was standing in 770 having his first private talk with the Rebbe.

As told by Rabbi Berel Lazar

Last Wednesday, during a visit to Eretz Yisroel, I went up to Har Hazeisim, to the kever of my dear daughter Chaya Mushka, a”h, ahead of her yahrzeit. Throughout my visit to various communities, I witnessed many in need of help due to the war’s impact. 

During my short stay, I suddenly received an unexpected message: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wants to meet with you for a brief five-minute meeting.” I agreed, knowing I had something important to share, and that five minutes would suffice. 

When I came into the meeting, I immediately conveyed the Rebbe’s well-known words to him, which he surely recognized but needed to hear again: Not to cede an inch of the Eretz Yisroel, since it belongs entirely to the Jewish people according to Torah.

Netanyahu listened attentively. I then asked him, “Mr. Netanyahu, when did you first see the Rebbe?” He replied, “Simchas Torah 1984.”

I told him, “I was there too. I remember the Rebbe speaking with you before Hakafos for 45 minutes, while thousands waited.” 

Netanyahu seemed surprised, and he said, “Yes, I was the representative in the United Nations at the time and the Rebbe told me, ‘You’re working in a dark place, and your job there is to bring in the light of the truth.'”

I asked Netanyahu a second time, “So when did you see the Rebbe the first time?”

He once again replied, “On Simchas Torah of 1984.”

I then, again, asked him for a third time – “So when did you meet the Rebbe for the first time?”

“On Simchas Torahhhh… Oh!!” Netanyahu then became pale as the realization dawned on him of the chilling events that coincided. He met the Rebbe at midnight on Simchas Torah, which is seven in the morning in Eretz Yisroel, the exact time that the terror attacks started this year on Simchas Torah.

“And the Rebbe spoke to you for such a long time,” I pressed on, “because he saw back then already what horrors were destined to come in forty years.”

Netanyahu then turned to the man near me and asked him, “Did you meet the Lubavitcher Rebbe?”

“Regretfully, no,” he responded.

“It’s such a shame,” Netanyahu said. “You missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime – you have no idea what it’s like to meet the Rebbe. What an incredible impact it had on my life.”

When I walked out, the official who escorted me said, “Notice that the five minutes that was supposed to take place, took 45 minutes…”

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  1. The Israeli officials usually came to hakafos on the 2nd night, which in eretz yisroel is already isru chag…. But it is close enough

    1. well al pi chassidus its the inyan that happens simchas torah which is the same the 2nd night here and the first night in eretz yisroel,

    1. in eretz yisroel the yom tov of shmini atzeres gets “hidden” in simchas torah which is in the rest of the world the 2nd night.

      1. “Netanyahu then turned to the man near me and asked him, “Did you meet the Lubavitcher Rebbe?”

        Notice how instead of accepting the message and commiting to doing his job he deflected and changed the subject.
        I’m not sure how or why any lubavitch chasid thinks this guy (bibi) represents the rebbe’s ideas any more then shimon peres or Yitzhak Rabin do.

        He gave away land (Chevron)

        Released thousands of terrorists.

        Negotiates with terrorists about creating a Palestinian state.

        Israeli security is always at its lowest under his leadership.

        Yet lubavitch chasidim continue to admire Revere and support this man as if he is a Jewish hero who represents the rebbe. I doubt the rebbe would have spoken to him after he gave away Israeli land. As the Rebbe refused to see Menachem begin and as lubavitch cut off Rabin after oslo. Yet somehow bibi gets a pass in lubavitch.

  2. PM Netanyahu came to the Rebbe Simchas Torah night in NY, which is isru chag morning in EY…

  3. The Rebbe teaches how 3 days before and after a date are connected to that date. These dates are so close to each other- who could miss the connection… BH Rabbi Lazar gave over the most crucial message to Netanyahu.

  4. Lazar may indeed have made up a story.
    The issue on the ground is that politicians in Israel are ignoring the Rebbe’s instructions.
    I will state this unabashedly: Oct 7th was a result of the state of Israel not following the Rebbe’s instructions.

    The rebbe appointed Shluchim to be his extension throughout the world.
    Every Shliach in Israel is connected with at least a few politicians in Israel.
    If every Shliach just spoke with or showed videos of the Rebbe to at least 1 politician, the security situation in the holy land would have already changed for the better.

    Shluchim of the Rebbe!
    Where are you!?

    Chabad isn’t just the world’s largest restaurant and hospitality center; we are soldiers of the Rebbe saving Jewish lives!

    Your restaurant may indeed get downgraded to 4 stars, but when another Jews life is in danger, when the integrity of Eretz Yisrael is being challenged, it’s your job to do something about it!
    Yidden are loosing there lives daily! It’s matter of Pekuach nefesh!

    Dear Shluchim, you are the rebbes soldiers and as Shluchim have the koichos of the Rebbe.

    You know what the rebbe wants you to do in this situation.
    Do it.

  5. it was a Tiferes Bachur , Shmariayahu Harel who encouraged Netanyahu to go to the Rebbe. They were together in yom kippur war 1973.

    Netanyahu told the following over on one of the videos.

    Shmariyahu came to Netanyahus office in Manhattan and spoke to him to go to the Rebbe for Simchat Torah. Then at Hakofofs , Shmariayhu said ” now go up to Rebbe”. He did 🙂

    Lets Dovend that he will do the job
    Mashiach Now

    Gershon Beck
    Ashreinu matov chalkaanu .. that we had such a zechus to be in dem Rebbn’s Yeshiva

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