Memories of Rabbi Wagner Shared at Emotional 8-Hour Farbrengen

A virtual farbrengen marking the end of shiva for Rabbi Akiva Wagner a”h, hosted by, continued until 4:00 AM, with family members, students and alumni sharing memories and stories. 

Many hundreds of people from around the globe joined a virtual farbrengen marking the end of shiva for Rabbi Akiva Wagner, beloved Rosh Yeshiva of Toronto Yeshiva.

The farbrengen, hosted by, brought together family members, students and alumni of Rabbi Wagner to share words of inspiration, memories and stories of his decades of dedicated avodas Hashem, limmud hatorah and caring for the bochurim.

Starting at 7:30 PM, the farbrengen continued for a full 8 hours, concluding at 4:00 AM with sixty people still on.

Among those who spoke were Rabbi Noam Wagner, Rabbi Dov Wagner, Rabbi Avrohom Wagner, Rabbi Shneur Zalman Labkowski, Rabbi Yaakov Wagner, Rabbi Yitzchok Wagner, Rabbi Meir Wagner, Rabbi Dovid Labkowski, Rabbi Ezra Schochet, Rabbi Leizer Labkowski, and Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, with Rabbi Gershon Avtzon serving as MC.

Following the official program, hundreds of alumni of Rabbi Wagner remained on the virtual farbrengen, with many sharing their own memories and stories, and lessons we each can take from Rabbi Wagner.


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