Members of 770’s Dayanus Program ‘Immerse’ in Mikvaos

Participants in 770’s Dayanus program received guidance in the practical aspects of building and maintaining a kosher mikveh through in-depth shiurim by world-renowned expert Harav Yirmiyah Katz and hands-on tour by veteran mikveh builder Rabbi Elozor Raichik.

The bachurim and yungeleit of 770’s Dayanus program received instruction on the practical aspects of building and maintaining a mikveh with a three-hour shiur delivered by author of ‘Mikveh Mayim’ and world-renowned expert on mikvaos, Harav Yirmiyah Katz. Additionally, groups were led on a hands-on tour of a mikveh by veteran mikveh builder, Rabbi Elozor Raichik.

The bachurim and yungeleit have been delving into the intricate halachos of mikvaos over the past few months, from the Shulchan Aruch and its commentaries to modern-day seforim on the topic. Including Rabbi Katz’s 40-page treatise on the halachic supremacy of a mikveh built ‘bor al gabei bor’ – the mikveh the Rebbe Rashab instructed be built in Rostov.

The talmidim also received periodical shiurim from Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Zalman Labkowski on the yesodos of the various concepts and opinions on the topic, as well as practical steps in building a mikveh and various related hora’os of the Rebbe.

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