Meir Wasn’t Just a Friend, He Was a General

Writing with tears, a classmate writes about Meir Likhovetski, who tragically passed away in a car accident this week, remembering him, and attempting to take one last lesson from his life.

By Levi Spiegel

I’m having trouble sleeping tonight, trying at first to get the thoughts about Meir out of my head.

But then I realized that now isn’t a time to sleep, now is time to think, time for chesbon hanefesh, and this time for real.

Meir was a true tzadik, someone who was so on fire for the Rebbe, and so on fire for Hashem. So many projects that he took upon himself, so many mushpaim that listened to him so closely, campers that looked up to him, friends that miss him etc.

We all learned from him so many lessons, but there’s one last lesson we have to learn.

When the accident happened we all questioned, why, why Meir?

(I’m writing this with tears flowing down my face…)

Out of all the people in the world did it have to be Meir?

Hashem! Couldn’t you leave him here for those who need him?!

Does he deserve to be taken away from his family so young, and so pure?

I don’t know the answers, but there’s one thing I do know.

Yes, Hashem choose Meir to be with him, because Hashem wants to be with the best..

but we are CHOSEN EVERYDAY to stay alive!

Hashem looks into the book of neshamos, and everyday, he chooses, he decides, who will still serve a purpose today on earth.

And today, and everyday he chose you, and he chose me…

Meir fulfilled his mission down here, he is complete. but we, we still have what to fix..

Lets have this moment of sadness motivate us to change.

The sins we do everyday thinking they are impossible to stop. the thoughts we might think are out of our control, and the aspirations we assume are out of are reach.

Now is the time for all that to change.

Meir is not here anymore, but we are. We are here to do our best, to fill his lacking presence.

Anyone who knew him could testify, Meir was more than just a friend, he was a general.

Today we lost a general in the Rebbe’s army. But the battle, the battle is still going on. And when a general dies, not only do the soldiers not rest, but they fight with a furious fire, stronger than ever before.

For all the souls Meir touched, with friendship beyond gaps and walls. For all the drastic changes he did to his community, and surroundings. Changes for the good, changes for the Rebbe.

We can’t let him pass without a warm fire in our souls.

Let Meir inspire you one last time, and push you, to take upon yourself those hard observations. For him, for him to touch your soul, again.

May this be our pay back for all the warmth, and life he brought to us. By letting him do what he’s best, even after he’s gone, for one more time. Uplift a Yiddishe soul.

Let’s all get together as family, as friends, and write to the Rebbe our hachlotos tovos for Meir. Lets let the Rebbe know, that Meir touched our souls once again.

Meir, I hope I’m making you smile, hope I’m making you proud. This is my warm touch for you, wherever you are, and wherever you will be.

Love you always,

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  1. I’ve been reading this over and over again, and it truly moved me. An incredible piece that really should be publicized more.
    Thank you very much Levi.

  2. This was awesome, so fitting and so to the point. May your words inspire many to action, and may we speedily experience techiyas hameisim
    הקיצו ורננו שוכני עפר והוא בתוכם

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