‘Mehutton’ Was Not Your Regular Shabbaton

The second annual Mehutton, a grand weekend retreat for European participants in the ‘Mehut’ program, drew over 120 students and young adults from across the continent for a inspiring and fun trip.

For the second time, and following a long period when it was impossible to host large events, ‘Mehut’ organized the annual Mehutton, a grand reunion of over 120 students from all over Europe, who celebrated together with their shluchim the end of another cycle of shiurim.

Mehut is the leading organization operating with Shluchim in Europe for students and young adults. The program offers the highest quality learning material, provided by the Rohr JLI, and encourages students and young professionals aged 18-30 to participate in weekly classes. Those that attend for the full year are invited to join the Mehutton – an extended Shabatton going from Thursday to Sunday, full of fun tours, festive meals, shiurim and group games.

This year’s Mehutton was hosted in a luxurious Sheraton Hotel, with full Mehadrin meals and high standards of Kashrus, Shmiras Shabbos and Tznius.

On Thursday, the first day of this years Mehutton, the group visited Ancient Rome. The tour around the city included many emotional moments, and an on-site class at the Arch of Titus. Afterwards, they enjoyed a Gala Dinner and awards distribution, with Rabbi Mendel Springer as the guest speaker. Friday was time for a in-depth tour of the Jewish Ghetto and a live class at the Square of the Burning of the Talmud, followed by a beautiful walking tour at the top destinations in Rome.

After boys and girls enjoyed separated pool time, Shabbos was welcomed by an inspiring candle lighting, a fabulous Kabbalat Shabbat, and a magical Shabbos meal.

Shabbos morning began with a Chassidus class. By davening, Aliyos to the Torah were sold by bidding hours of Torah study in the summertime. The afternoon was filled with farbrengens and group games which encouraged the students to open up and discuss their thoughts honestly. In the evening a special session of Pirkei Avos had students read and explain the Mishnayos themselves, showing them how Torah learning is something accessible for each Jew, at any stage.

Following an inspiring havdalah, students prepared for a short walk around the city center and then enjoyed a party with some activities in a very warm atmosphere.

On Sunday was time to get out of the city and visit some of the nicest towns and lakes in the region. Students left the Shabatton with dozens of new Jewish Friends, an incredible amount of deep inspiration and a strong desire to Learn more and influence others to participate in Mehut’s fantastic programs.

Thanks were given to the many Shluchim who joined, and to JLI for the custom-made study material.

Mehut Founder and Director, Rabbi Zalmen Shimon Springer said “It was so emotional to hear from students coming from so many different backgrounds how much the Learning Program and the Mehutton impacted them! Thinking of the fact we had almost no events for over a year and a half, it was really touching to see the amount of work and success the Shluchim had achieved in this challenging time, with Zoom Shiurim and so on. Students had really changed drastically since the last time we saw them!”

Shluchim who participated in the Shabatton praised the weekend’s program:

Rabbi Levi Freedman (Munich, Germany): “With the shiurim of Mehut and the grand Mehutton, my students open up and become ‘keilim’ to hear and learn more, their thirst grew to a new level!”

Rabbi Levi Hefer (Dusseldorf, Germany): “After so many years in Germany, there is finally a full organization providing us young shluchim in Europe with a proper structure and incentives, to engage students with weekly shiurim and social events. Yasher Koach!”

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Boruch Sabbach (Vienna LBS, Austria): “My chevreh really enjoyed the Shiurim, especially the one about happiness. This Mehutton was the best way to finish up a cycle and launch the next one, we are super excited for the next round!”

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Yaakov Biderman (Vienna Beis Chabad, Austria): “The VIP service the students and shluchim received at the Shabatton was above and beyond. The shiurim and the entire event put the Mehut on a very sought out level!”

Rabbi Michi Pikarsky (Tallinn, Estonia): “It was so vital for my students to meet and see so many Jewish young adults from all over Europe. It gives them strength to keep on sticking to their local Jewish community although we are very small in number there. The classes truly changed the approach of many of them”.

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Yitzchok Raskin (Bucharest, Romania): “You have no idea how big of a blessing the Mehut Program is! So many students join, week after week, some of them changing their approach to Judaism by 360°! We personally followed two couples who met at the past Mehut event from different countries, and we hope they’ll get engaged soon!”

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Baruch Bard (Marseille, France): “We see how friends pull other Jewish Friends into the program, they begin to do Mitzvot out of their own initiative and inspire others to follow! We have separated classes for girls and boys, and the students are the ones begging us to keep the shiurim going, looking to grow in the Yiddishkeit!”

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Mendy Lachkar (Paris, France): “Students enjoy the classes so much, we get into deep and long conversations and the fruits of our efforts are in front of our eyes. The Mehutton was so powerful, inspiring and fun. Students are already waiting for the next one!”

Mehut has opened Registrations for the Next Mehut “Discover” Study Program, if you are a Shliach in Europe looking to join, email us at: [email protected]

Mehut is a Partner of ECJS and is made possible by the EJA and the Meromim Foundation.

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