Megilla Gemach Expanding For Sixth Yahrzeit

In honor of the sixth yahrzeit of R’ Mendy Gorman a”h, the Gorman family will be expanding an international mivtzoim initiative and Megilla Gemach, to continue his legacy in fulfilling the Rebbe’s mission.

With Purim around the corner, the Gorman family, spearheaded by the nieces and nephews, is relaunching the Megilla Gemach mivtzoim initiative that was started 6 years ago after the passing of R’ Mendel Gorman A”H.

The aim of this initiative is to increase accessibility to Megillas, so that people will be able to go out on mivtzoim, fulfill Rebbe’s mission while reading in Mendy’s memory.

The Megilla Gemach has six megillas to date, that will be leined internationally, continuing Mendy’s legacy and spreading the joy of Purim, especially in these uncertain times.

Last year, with the tremendous generosity of friends, the Mendy’s Megillas campaign managed to raise enough for 2 brand new Megillas, with one full Megillah donated by a friend of Mendy, R’ Chayim Leiberman. 

This year, we are delighted to announce that another Megillah has generously been donated by Mendy’s Oholei Torah classmates.

Amongst many of Mendy’s skills and accomplishments he achieved in his lifetime included his exceptional chazzonus and safrus. Mendy would read the megilla countless times every year on Purim, with a special reading for children at the Chabad House of Edgware (London U.K.) There isn’t a Purim that goes by where Mendy’s megilla reading isn’t missed, by young and old alike.

There are currently 6 megillas that have been donated to this cause, and we would like to reach out to all of Anash to take part: to sponsor a megilla that a Bochur can use and read continuously over the hours of Purim, benefiting Jews all over the planet.

Mendy’s Mivtzoim megillas are currently located in:
Brisbane, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
London, England
Crown Heights

The goal of this initiative is to have as many megillas and leinings read over Purim in Mendy’s memory, and increase the bank of megillas to be used on mivtzoim all over the world.

Last year, 25 leinings were done in total in Mendy’s memory using megillas from the gemach, and we aim to increase it this year tenfold.

To donate towards a megilla for “Mendy’s megillas”, or to book one to use for mivtzoim over Purim, please email [email protected]

This way we get to help bochurim gain access to megillas to use on mivtzoim, thus remembering Mendy in a meaningful way, dispersing more light into the world.

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PayPal :
Cashapp: $MendysMegillas

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, donations, and to book a megilla in Mendy’s memory.

May we merit to see the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days.

‎לע״נ יחזקאל מנחם מענדל זאב ע״ה בן אלחנן צבי יבלח״טא שיחי׳

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