Mega Hakhel Pre-Rosh Hashana Zoom Marathon

Refresh-Reboot-Reload for the new year with thirteen hours of transformation and inspiration in preparation for a meaningful Rosh Hashana.

This is a global Hakhel event of unity, a unique opportunity for anash and shluchim to invite their people to prepare for a meaningful Rosh Hashana, when every Jewish neshomah can tune in to the level of G‑dliness being revealed on that day, our once-a-year opportunity to establish a fresh new direction and reality in our lives.

Sessions in English will begin at 8 p.m. Sessions in Russian will begin at 9:30 am

You will have the opportunity to hear and see the most sought-after speakers and famous entertainers in concert, since the event is virtual, featuring inspiring lectures by the biggest names in the Jewish world. Rabbis, historians and psychologists will give you the spiritual tools to fully benefit from the powerful potential of Rosh Hashanah.

The impressive line-up of orators in English includes Rabbis Yoram Ulman, Head of the Rabbinical Court of Sidney, Australia; Rabbi Manis Friedman, World-renowned author, lecturer, and philosopher; Rabbi Kasriel Kastel, Program Director, Lubavitch Youth Organization; Yuri Edelstein, Chair, Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Temur Yakobashvili, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Georgia and former Ambassador of Georgia to the USA; Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky, Spiritual Leader and Executive Director of Bris Avrohom; Mrs. Chedva Federman, Renowned Educator, Child Therapist, Published author of books for children; Rabbi Velvel Belinsky, Renowned lecturer, Spiritual Leader of the Russian speaking Jewish community of Baltimore, MD; Esther Wojcicki, renowned American Journalist and educator,  A Dr. Marina Yuabova, Functional Medicine Doctor, internationally recognized author, and head of the National Wellness Group. Alec Brook Krasny, New York State Assemblyman and Inna Vernikov, New York City Councilwoman.

Enjoy musical entertainment by Rivka Miriam Fisher, acclaimed Violinist and Jewish Educator; Arye Leib Horowitz, Renowned Cantor and Danny Flam, virtuoso shofar and trumpet player.  

Sponsors of the event are Lubavitch Youth Organization and Chamah International, Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman, President, Rabbi Moshiach Chudaitov, Executive Vice President, and Rabbi Binyomin Malachovski, Executive Director.

The organizer and host of the event is Rabbi Benzion Laskin, Program Director of Chamah, Renowned Lecturer on Torah, Kabbalah, and Life Coach.

We began this Hakhel year with a Mega Pre-Yom Kippur Marathon with over 20,000 participants, greatly impacting countless lives. We are reaching out to an even wider audience, hoping to help our fellow yidden tune into the revelation of G‑dliness on this Rosh HaShanah, each at his or her level.  

Free registration is open! The number of participants is limited, so please reserve your place now.              

Register NOW at Or at

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