Mega Celebration for 10th Sefer Torah Attracts Thousands

Many thousands participated in a Mega Siyum of the 10th Sefer Torah Haklali, which took place with a grand procession of celebrations passing through key cities in the Gaza region.

Many thousands participated in a Mega Siyum of the 10th Sefer Torah Haklali, which took place with a grand procession of celebrations passing through central points in the Gaza envelope region. Likewise, celebrations were held worldwide in honor of the Siyum.

The departure of the procession began in Ashkelon, then proceeded to Sderot police station, where 500 people participated, including police officers and security personnel. This was followed by stops at Kibbutz Raim and Gilat Junction, where soldiers are heading to Gaza.

The main event took place in Ofakim in the evening, where the final letters were inscribed. This was followed by three hours of joyous Hakafos and electrifying singing and dancing, led by renowned singers Simcha Friedman and Moshe Luk.

The event drew thousands from near and far, including prominent Rabbonim, Shluchim, committee members, security personnel, IDF soldiers, and families of the hostages and victims. Among the attendees were Rabbi Yitzchak Pruss, a committee member who traveled from America for the event, Rabbi Yasher Adrei, the son-in-law of the “Baba Sali” and Shliach in Netivot, Rabbi Yisroel Ebergel, among many other distinguished guests. They were all honored by inscribing letters in the Sefer Torah, reciting the Hakafos, and reciting Tehilim.

The event was held with increased security measures in place to ensure the safety of everyone attending.

A live broadcast of the event was watched by over 15,000 viewers worldwide, enabling individuals from various parts of the world to participate in the event virtually. The event received broad coverage on prominent Israeli media platforms such as Arutz 14, Yediyot Achronot, Yediot Hadarom, Shofar, Sogrim Shavua, Kol Chai, Reshet Beit – TV and radio stations, and local newspapers.

In the meantime, coinciding celebrations were happening across the globe. In 770, lively Hakafos dancing took place, simultaneously, with the Hakafos taking place in Ofakim, Israel, in line with the Rebbe’s directive for everyone to partake in the celebration of the Siyum b’gufo ub’nishmaso – in both body and soul.

“The happiness experienced by all present is beyond words,” said Rabbi Moshe Oirichman, the chairman of the committee. This gathering is not just another celebration but also a form of Chizuk and unity for the entire Jewish community, highlighting the strength and resilience of the Jewish people.

Participants not only honored the event with their presence but also reaffirmed their commitment to take action in this special Mivtza, which in the Rebbe’s words brings protection to the soldiers of the IDF.

The “Sefer Torah Haklali” (or “Unity Torah”) began in 5742 when the Rebbe announced that a General Sefer Torah would be written for all ages (not just limited to children). Over that year, the Rebbe consistently referenced the “Sefer Torah Haklali” during every farbrengen, urging chasidim to take action b’hishtadlus nafshis.

The “Sefer Torah Haklali” differs from the “kids’ Torah” in several ways:

– Jews of all ages can purchase a letter in this Sefer Torah (kids and adults alike).
– The price is not fixed; any symbolic donation amount is accepted.
– Letters can be bought in memory of the deceased as well.
– Those who have purchased letters in a previous Sefer Torah Haklali are welcome to buy again in each new Sefer Torah Haklali.

You can now buy your own letter in the 11th Sefer Torah Haklali by visiting or by Messaging 347-770-3737.

In the words of the Rebbe (Shabbat Tetzaveh 5743): “Fortunate are they, and great is their merit, all who are involved in any way in the writing of the Sefer Torah Haklali”.

Contribute to cover the expenses of the Sefer Torah and the event:



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