Medical Ethics Expert to Address Shlichus Symposium

Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman, MD, will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Chicken Soup Conference for Shluchim organized by Chabad on Call at Merkos 302.

Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman, MD, a distinguished Professor of Emergency Medicine, Education, and Bioethics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Chicken Soup Conference for Shluchim organized by Chabad on Call at Merkos 302, with his lecture titled “Halacha and Medicine: Exploring Abortion, Organ Donation, & The Definition of Death.”

Rabbi Dr. Reichman is the author of The Anatomy of Jewish Law, which traces the medical understanding of anatomy, physiology, and therapeutics across time and genres of rabbinic literature. The accumulated literature of centuries of Jewish legal discourse on medical topics serves as the foundation for contemporary Jewish bioethics. As an expert in both Halacha and medicine, Rabbi Dr. Reichman holds a unique position in addressing the ethical and moral complexities that arise at the intersection of these two fields and offering valuable insight for the attending Shluchim and their communities.

In his lecture, Rabbi Dr. Reichman will tackle some of the most pressing issues in contemporary medical ethics, namely abortion, organ donation, and the definition of death. These complex topics commonly posed to Shluchim are intricate dilemmas that require careful consideration from both medical and Halachic perspectives. Rabbi Dr. Reichman’s expertise enables him to navigate these complex matters and will provide participants with a balanced and nuanced understanding that reflects the values and principles of Halacha.

Abortion, a topic that elicits a wide range of opinions, will be explored through the lens of Jewish law and medical ethics. Rabbi Dr. Reichman will delve into the nuanced approach Judaism takes toward this sensitive issue. Organ donation, a critical aspect of modern medicine, also raises ethical questions. By examining Halachic principles and exploring the intricacies of organ transplantation, the workshop will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of this vital topic. Furthermore, the definition of death has become a subject of debate in contemporary society. Participants will learn the Halachic perspective on determining the end of life, enriching the symposium with an in-depth analysis of the ethical considerations involved.

Other guest speakers set to address the workshop include Rabbi Simcha Scholar, founder and CEO of Chai Lifeline. Drawing on his years of experience, Rabbi Scholar will share strategies and principles that can help Shluchim effectively approach and respond to trauma and illness within their communities. As well as Rabbi Mendel Duchman, an Executive Worldwide Coach, will provide guidance on handling delicate fundraising scenarios that may arise within the Shluchim network.

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