Mechina Boys Enjoy Grand Trip for Extra Learning

Talmidim of Mechina Oholei Torah who dedicated themselves to extra learning were rewarded with a two-day trip to Villa Roma resort with farbrengens, shiurim, kumzitz, and many exciting activities.

The Talmidim of Mechina Oholei Torah have been diligently involved in the annual Mivtza titled “L’chatchila Ariber”, culminating in a grand trip for those who participated.

During the Mivtzah, Talmidim involved themselves in the Mivtza hachana for Yud Shevat, learning the maamer Basi Legani and coming to “Hashkeim” at 7:30am and seder sichos in the evening, in addition to strengthening their overall attendance and diligence in the shiurim. The Talmidim received trip discounts based on their involvement.

The grand two-day trip included a stay at the Villa Roma resort where the Talmidim enjoyed a large variety of indoor and outdoor activities such as snow tubing, bowling, sports, and swimming. Of course, the trip included farbrengens, shiurim, dancing, and kumzitz with the grade Shluchim and staff that came along.

The Mivtza was implemented l’ilui nishmas Hatomim Shmuel Karnovsky A”H, a dear Talmid in OTEG who was always fully involved in all the extracurricular activities. May the Torah and mitzvos be an iluy neshoma for him and may he be a meilitz yosher and bepoel the hisgalus of Moshiach now.

A tremendous thank you is extended to Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, Rabbi Mendel Hershkop, and Rabbi Yossi Bryski for their unending dedication to the Talmidim. Special gratitude to Rabbi Bryski for his devotion to ensuring the success of the trip.

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