Mayanot Gives Special Shout Out to Shluchim Around the World

Mayanot just finished a three-week intensive learning and volunteering winter program, where learned Torah, packaged food for soldiers, helped farmers with planting, and gained skills to advocate for the Jewish People.

Mayanot just finished an intensive learning and volunteering winter program.

For three weeks, students divided their time between learning Torah, packaging food for soldiers, helping the farmers with planting and gaining skills to advocate for Israel and the Jewish People.

We would like to thank Chabad on Campus for their partnership and we’d like to give a shout out to the following shluchim and shluchos who entrusted their students to us:

Rabbi Shlomo and Mrs. Matti Banon, Concordia University

Rabbi Chaim and Mrs. Yocheved Boyarsky, University of Ottawa

Rabbi Meyer Shlomo and Chaya Mushka Brook, University of Florida

Rabbi Levi and Mrs. Sheina Cunin, Indiana University

Rabbi Mendel and Mrs. Nechama Danow, University of West Florida

Rabbi Shmuel and Mrs. Dini Druk, University of North Texas

Rabbi Leib and Mrs. Mushky Ezagui, University of Washington

Rabbi Chaim and Mrs. Miki Hilel, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo

Rabbi Shneur and Mrs. Reizel Kesselman, Malmo Sweden

Rabbi Yossi and Mrs. Manya Lazaroff, Texas A&M University

Rabbi Menachem and Mrs. Rivkie Lazer, John Cabot University

Rabbi Chaim Boruch and Mrs. Rivkie Lipskier, University of Central Florida

Rabbi Getzy and Mrs. Shaina Markowitz, The Family Store, Young Leadership Community

Rabbi Aharon Chaim and Mrs. Pessi Notik, University of Florida

Rabbi Dov & Mrs. Shevy Oliver, SUNY Cobleskill

Rabbi Shlomo and Mrs. Shifra Sharfstein, Georgia State University

Rabbi Shmuel and Mrs. Chana Teichtel, Arizona State University

Rabbi Shmuly and Mrs. Rashi Weiss, McGill University

Rabbi Yosef and Mrs. Devora Wilhelm, Yeshiva University

Rabbi Yair and Mrs. Chanie Yelin, University of California, Merced

“May our work together truly bring the geulah,” Maayanot said.

To find out more about upcoming Mayanot programs and our ongoing semester option, please visit us at 

We look forward to having your student with us! 

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