Massachusetts Shluchim Farbreng for Hours at Siyum Harambam

A group of Massachusetts shluchim sat together for over six hours farbrenging with Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe at their Siyum Harambam.

On Tuesday night close to 50 Anash and Shluchim gathered at the Wellesley Weston Chabad for a Siyum HaRambam hosted by Shliach Rabbi Moshe Bleich, along with guest Farbrenger Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe.

Rabbi Levi Fogelman of Natick made the Siyum and Rabbi Chaim Pruss made the haschala of the new machzor.

For close to 6 hours, the oilam thoroughly enjoyed hearing from Rabbi Yaffe’s incredible chidushim in the Rambam as well as the history of the limud of the Rambam yomi in Lubavitch.

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