Maryland Head Shluchim Host Shluchim Family BBQ

Maryland Head Shluchim Rabbi Shmuel and Mrs. Rochel Kaplan recently hosted a Family BBQ for Shluchim and their families in Colombia, Maryland.

Maryland Head Shluchim Rabbi Shmuel and Mrs. Rochel Kaplan recently hosted a Family BBQ in Colombia, Maryland for Shluchim and their families.

The event celebrated the tireless efforts of the Shluchim across the state of Maryland while providing an opportunity for them to connect, relax, and strengthen the feeling of Chassidim Ein Mishpocho.

In addition to the sumptuous menu, the children were treated to snow cones, a carnival with inflatable rides, a balloon artist, a petting zoo, a juggling show, and most of all a chance to bond with other children their age.

As with all Shluchim gatherings, this event fostered networking and support amongst Mishpachahs Hashluchim, allowing them to exchange ideas, seek advice, and build on each other’s success.

A special thank you goes to Rabbi Hillel Baron for opening his Chabad House to host this event, and to Rabbi Yaakov Kaplan for planning every aspect of the BBQ down to the last detail.

The event was emceed by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, Shliach to Potomac Village, MD. At the culmination of the BBQ, the children gathered for a rally of Torah, Tefilla, and Tzedakah.

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