Marbin B’simcha; How Do We Do That?

What does it mean to be constantly b’simcha? How do we just get ourselves to start being b’simcha? What does simcha even do?

In this week’s Weekly Maamar, Samach T’samach 5741, it talks about the brocho we wish the chosson and kallah, and how the deeper meaning is that we are drawing down true essential simcha, which breaks all boundaries, and will affect even emotions constantly.

How does simcha break all boundaries?

Being b’simcha is an essential part of being chassidim. Before we were called chassidim, we were called the Freilicher. You need chassidus to understand what simcha is. Simcha is not silliness. It is not just getting yourself energetic and being excited. By the Rebbe’s Purim farbrengens it wouldn’t even cross chassidims’ minds to say l’chaim before, for not wanting to miss a word of what was being told over. And yet, by the niggunim it became the most frailach sight you’ve ever seen. Simcha is not a contradiction to seriousness.

This is because it comes from kabolas ol. That does not mean that you force yourself to do something you don’t want to. It is embracing Hashem. It is a realization that everything you have is given to you by Hashem. It’s not straightforward because it forces you from other paths. It’s one path because why would you want anything else? If it’s all about Hashem, you are not worried about what you need to do or earn because in the first place it’s all a gift! How can you not be happy!?

Simcha is not just an effect, but it is also the cause. Simcha literally uplifts. A sad person is called “down”. Someone who is happy is alive. You see Hashem everywhere in the world. You don’t just want to sit in yourself. You want to go out, share, uplift. It truly breaks all boundaries. Because it’s not about you. You have your limitations, Hashem doesn’t. And it’s all about Hashem.

The point is that things need to have a maase b’poel. The simcha shows that it is true when it is constant, and brings an increase in mitzvos. The Maamar explains that when we do mitzvos, not only do we draw down this high level of simcha for ourselves, but it talks about the great simcha that Hashem feels. When we have kabolas ol and simcha, especially when it shows itself in action, nothing can compare. This simcha will surely bring to the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu, right now!


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