Many Happy Faces at Pre-Shavuos Event on the Parkway

Over 2,000 happy faces filled the JCM Plaza on Sunday, for the “Pre-Shavuos on the Parkway” event, with a “Sefiras Haomer racetrack,” Shavuos craft station, and delicious ice cream treats.

The “Pre-Shavuos on the Parkway” event was a resounding success, with over 2,000 happy faces filling the JCM Plaza on Sunday, 24 Iyar, 5784 (June 2nd).

The community’s children joyfully celebrated Shavuos with a variety of engaging activities. Sensory activities captivated their senses, while a vibrant color mural allowed their creativity to shine.

The thrill of the Sefiras Haomer racetrack had them racing with excitement, and delicious ice cream treats added to the day’s delights. The Shavuos craft station was a hit, allowing each child to create something special to mark the Yom Tov.

The day was a beautiful display of unity, with the community coming together to recite Pesukim and say a kapitel of Tehillim for the safety of Eretz Yisroel.

A special thank you to the NYPD and event sponsors, the Jewish Children’s Museum, Rabbi Yerachmiel Benjaminson, Devorah Halberstam, Rabbi Sholom Ber Baumgarten, The Education department, and Chocolatte, for making this joyous and memorable celebration possible.

The Jewish Children’s Museum expresses gratitude to the Crown Heights community for joining in the celebration!

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