OYY Manchester Mesivta Celebrates Double Siyum

OYY Cheder and Mesivta in Manchester marked the end of a successful year with multiple siyumim. Mesivta bochurim mastered the entire Masechtos of Shabbos and Brachos and were tested by respected rabbonim.

OYY Mesivta in Manchester UK marked the end of the year with a double siyum on the entire Masechtos of Shabbos and Brachos. Bochurim were tested by respected local rabbonim.

Hatemimim Yudi Brown, Mendy Kramer and Yechiel Cohen made the Siyumim on behalf of the whole Shiur Beis. 

Rabbi Shmulik Cohen, maggid Shiur for Iyun, described the journey which resulted in every Talmid completing Maseches Shabbos which consists of 156 daf. Throughout the year he worked with each bochur to set daily goals according to their level, yet he stressed that it was their determination that brought them to achieve their goals. 

Rabbi Avremi Kievman, Shlliach to Liverpool who spends hours on the road every day so that his sons can learn here, thanked all the Hanhola of the Mesivta on the behalf of the parents, for giving the bochurim such an incredible chinuch and opportunity to learn so much – more than he would ever have dreamt. In his words, “This is something that we never had growing up. The Bochurim are so lucky and privileged to have such a wonderful setup… It’s a secret gem that isn’t well known and that we are so grateful to have.”

The bochurim were tested by Rabbi Akiva Cohen, Rosh Yeshiva Lubavitch, Rabbi Chaim Chazan, Rosh Yeshiva Dnipro, Rabbi YC Horowitz, Rov of Satmar, Rabbi AM Lampin, Rosh Hakolel of Belz, Rabbi EP Levy, Rov in Machzikei Hadas, Rabbi ZL Deitsch, Rosh Yeshiva in Satmar Yeshiva Ketana. They were all highly impressed with the depth of the bochurims’ vast knowledge as well as how much they accomplished in only one year. 

The Hanhola, parents and Talmidim walked away with an incredible feeling of accomplishment and gratitude for all the Rebbe’s Brachos that brought this about!

The evening also served as a graduation for the bochurim of shiur daled who are moving on to various yeshiva gedolos. Each of them spoke of their experience as a talmid in OYY and in particular, how their level of learning advanced greatly over the years.

Later in the week, the Cheder division concluded another amazing and successful year with a school-wide Siyum for all the grades.

Each class came up to make a siyum on what they had learned this year as their parents and relatives looked on with pride. Every student was made to feel so special and proud to be in this wonderful Cheder.

Rabbi Mendel Cohen, the menahel, thanked and praised the parents for their ongoing support. He also thanked the staff for their mesiras nefesh for chinuch and their dedication to each and every talmid.

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