Man Waving Keffiyeh Harasses People Near 770

Extra NYPD units were called to 770 after a man waving a keffiyeh began threatening and harassing passersby who were entering and exiting the shul.  

By reporter

A Middle Eastern man waving a keffiyeh frightened Jewish passersby on Eastern Parkway on Wednesday afternoon.

The man, dressed in a hoodie, was waving a keffiyeh, which became a Palestinian symbol after it was worn by mass murderer Yassar Arafat ym”s.

The individual harassed and threatened Jewish passersby, standing just feet away from the entrance to the main shul of 770.

According to some individuals at the scene, the man even threatened Jewish passersby that he would kill them, but that report has not been confirmed.

Several NYPD units were called to assist the regularly stationed NYPD officers, including members of NYPD Community Affairs. The officers escorted the man away from 770 to a different corner, where he continued to shout at passing Jews.

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