Man Arrested for Vandalizing Chabad of South Broward

A Hallandale Beach man was arrested and charged for hurling anti-Semitic slurs and for littering human waste outside a Chabad House.

The Hallandale Beach Police Department has announced the arrest of a man wanted for hurling anti-Semitic slurs and dumping a bag of feces outside a Chabad House.

Police say Jeffrey Fleming, 39, was arrested Monday and charged with stalking with an enhancing charge for a hate crime and for littering human waste.

Chabad of South Broward led by Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus said they are beefing up security following the acts of hate.

Cellphone video from Friday afternoon captured the same man as he shouted antisemitic slurs to a rabbi outside of the shul. He is also accused of spitting at the menorah in front of the building.

Just hours later, witnesses said, he dropped the first bag of feces.

The woman who called the police said she saw a man wearing all white and riding an electric bicycle dump a large bag of human feces on the sidewalk and shouted, “Jews should die.”

Chabad Rabbi Mordy Feiner told police he had seen the same man spitting on a Menorah in the parking lot. Feiner told authorities the man shouted anti-Semitic remarks.

This was the third recent attack on Jews in Hallandale Beach. On Friday night, May 14, stones were thrown at a young Jewish man on Hallandale Beach Boulevard, as he was returning home from Friday evening services at Chabad of South Broward Headquarters.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris condemned the recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions across the United States, calling them despicable.

“The recent attacks on the Jewish community are despicable, and they must stop. I condemn this hateful behavior at home and abroad — it’s up to all of us to give hate no safe harbor,” Biden tweeted Monday.

Vice President Harris wrote: “The surge in anti-Semitic attacks against the Jewish community in the U.S. and around the world is despicable—it must be called out, condemned, and stopped. As a country, we must stand united against hate of any kind.”

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