‘Makolet’ in East Flatbush Showcases Community’s Growth

Photos: David Katash/Anash.org

After 50 years when East Flatbush did not have a kosher grocery story, entrepreneur Lachie Hecht opened ‘Makolet’ to supply the quickly-growing community with a nearby location to purchase all their grocery needs.

By Anash.org reporter

For over 50 years, East Flatbush has not have a proper grocery store of its own. ‘Makolet’ is out to change that.

Once home to hundreds of Jewish families, the streets of East Flatbush quickly emptied of Yidden in the 60s and 70s. For decades afterwards, it was considered “far out,” way past the confines of Crown Heights.

In recent years, the community has seen a transformation. What started off as a trickle of Jewish families moving in quickly became a popular area for young couples and others to purchase their permanent home. It grew so much that it even has split into multiple sub-communities, including South Crown Heights, Kingsbrook, Remsen Village, and others.

But they were still missing a kosher store. Residents had to shlep out to Crown Heights proper to purchase their daily needs. The ability to walk a few blocks and buy a bottle of milk or a challah, taken as a given in Jewish communities across New York, became a out-of-reach luxury for the East Flatbush community.

At the onset of this year, young entrepreneur Lachie Hecht took the responsibility on her shoulders and opened ‘Makolet,’ a kosher grocery store at 999 Clarkson Ave, corner of East 91st, right off of Remsen Avenue, a central location for all the communities growing in East Flatbush.

From early in the morning till late afternoon the Makolet is open for all grocery needs. The fully stocked grocery also offers fresh coffee and danishes as a grab and go option, as well as weekly homemade dips and salads for Shabbos. Makolet also services shul kiddushim and is open to welcoming more local shuls who are looking for a convenient place to purchase their weekly Shabbos kiddushim.

Makolet is happy to provide home delivery to its East Flatbush residents.

When the brainchild for this project came about, Makolet understood it was going to be difficult to arrange EBT, and WIC for the local East Flatbush and Remsen Village residents. Yet, despite the challenges, in the last four weeks Makolet has arranged to help the community further to now be able to accept EBT. And although it is an uphill battle to be able to accept WIC, Makolet is working on securing government approval.

Since Makolet opened at the end of January 2023, business has been consistently growing, and they are constantly looking for new ways to service the community. Makolet is now also working with tzedakah organizations to see how they can incorporate vouchers for upcoming Yomim Tovim.

“The pleasure of being able to send my child to the corner to pick up a bottle of milk, eggs, or a loaf of bread, is something so necessary, and such a blessing”, said one of the community members. “The entire East Flatbush community applauds the efforts of Makolet and wishes Makolet great success.”

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    1. This is so unbelievable growing up in crown heights I would never imagine there would ever be a revival of e Flatbush & now a grocery wow its unbelievable!!!

  1. Us too!
    It’s amazing to have our own store.
    Good service, cheap prices, and warm atmosphere!
    Lots of hatzlacha!!

  2. Literally the most convenient thing that has ever happened to the community in east Flatbush, thank you for for doing this, thank you for the awesome pricing,
    And most importantly thank you ms. hecht for doing this for us!!!

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