Make Mivtzoim Part of Your Chol Hamoed Plans

Thousands of Yidden are waiting for you to come shake Lulav and Esrog with them. Chabad of Sheepshead Bay has organized routes and lists of Yidden to visit whenever is convenient for you.

This year, Sukkos mivtzoim can fit right into your Chol Hamoed schedule.

Over the past year, Chabad of Sheepshead Bay has successfully arranged a massive mivtzoyim program for bochurim and yungerleit on and before each of the Yomim Tovim.

The program was run very efficiently and groups were provided with everything they needed which enabled them to reach hundreds of homes and thousands of Yidden.

With Sukkos coming up, Chabad of Sheepshead Bay is excited to be offering the opportunity of mivtzoyim to any yungerleit or bochurim who would like to go.

Here’s how it works:
Whatsapp 8459032431 to be provided with a route of addresses to go.
Take your own set of daled minim there.

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