Magnificent Siyum Harambam at Yerushalayim’s Great Synagogue

Photos: Dovber Hechtman

A large crowd with respected rabbonim filled the Great Synagogue in Yerushalayim for a magnificent event marking the 43rd Siyum Harambam and 40 years since the establishment of the Rebbe’s takana.

The Great Synagogue in Yerushalayim was abuzz with a large crowd from all corners of Eretz Yisroel for the siyum Harabam concluding the 43rd cycle of daily learning. The event marked 40 years since the Rebbe established the takana to learn Rambam every day.

Organized by Tzeirei Agudas Chabad (Tzach) of Yerushalayim, the event saw the participation of thousands, including men, women, and children, all devoted to the study of Rambam. Leading talmidei chachamim and mashpiim came to strengthen and encourage the learners, expressing gratitude and honor to the Rebbe, who started the takana.

Rabbi Naftali Roth, chairman of Tzach, shared opening remarks and emphasized the importance of learning Rambam joyfully, how it can annul any decree. The roshei teivos of Rambam is “רבות מופתי בשמחת משנה תורה” which means that the miracles that result from learning Rambam with joy are many. At a time when Eretz Yisroel can use great miracles and the annulment of the terrible decree of the current war, his words brought hope to all those present.

Rabbi Yisroel Goldberg, shliach in Rechavia, where the event was held, came up and recited Tehillim. Rav Shlomo Amar, the Chief Rabbi of Yerushalayim, was then honored with the siyum, and Rabbi Boruch Chadad, the shliach in Malcha, was honored with starting the new cycle.

The central address was given by Rabbi Yisroel Meir Lau, who extolled the greatness and holiness of the Rambam’s work, praising the remarkable initiative as a means to hasten the arrival of Moshiach.

Gerrer Rosh Yeshiva Rav Daniel Alter then addressed the crowd and spoke of the tremendous unity the learning brings about among all Yidden.

A sweet moment followed, when Tzivos Hashem soldier Dovid Meir Patael, completed the Sefer Hamitzvos and shared an inspiring chassidishe maiseh.

In attendance at the event was the Bostoner Rebbe, Dayan Rabbi Ephraim Bogard from the Beis Din in Chaifa, Rosh Kolel Tzemach Tzedek Rabbi Chaim Sholom Deitch, speaker Rabbi Yechezkel Sofer, and many more distinguished guests from all over Eretz Yisroel.

The festivities were accompanied by singing led by renowned chazan Binyamin Helfgot, singer Yoni Shlomo, and famed clarinetist Chilik Frank, along with the Malchus Choir under the direction of keyboardist Avremi Cohen.

At the conclusion of the event, Rabbi Yaakov Slonim, shliach in Givat Mordechai, expressed gratitude to all the evening’s organizers and the students of Yeshivas Toras Emes.

The event was meticulously organized by the efforts of Rabbi Shlomo Shochat of Tzach and shluchim Rabbi Meir Shlomo Butman, Rabbi Shaya Weiss, Rabbi Sholom Ber Marzel, Rabbi Yitzchok Meir Segal, and Rabbi Noam Roth.

Photos by Dovber Hechtman


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