Maggid Shiur Honors Late Father

Rabbi Zalman Shanowitz, who teaches a daily Gemara shiur at Shain Shul, completed Maseches Yoma in memory of his late father R’ Sholom Ber Shanowitz who passed away earlier this year.

“This is in honor of my father, Harav Sholom Dov Ber ben Reb Chaim Yitzchak,” announced Rabbi Zalman Shanowitz upon the special occasion of completing the sixth Masechta of the daily Gemara Shiur he delivers between Mincha and Maariv at Rabbi Eliyahu Shain’s Kingston Avenue Shul.

Rabbi Shanowitz’ father, R’ Sholom Ber Shanowitz a”h, was known for his devotion to learning and had delivered Shiurei Gemara in various Crown Heights Shuls.

The Siyum, on Maseches Yoma, was held during the Nine Days to follow the Rebbe’s directive to minimize the sadness of those days through the joy of Torah with Daily Siyumim.

The celebration was marked by a Chassidishe farbrengen where Shiur participants, Shul members, and friends were joined and inspired by Rabbi Yosef Braun and Rabbi Nachman Schapiro among other noted Rabbanim and Mashpi’im.

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