Magazine Commemorates 80 Years to Chof Ches Sivan

A special commemorative magazine for the 80th anniversary of the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s arrival was printed by A Chassidisher Derher and is being distributed free of charge. Order a copy while stocks last.

This coming Chof Ches Sivan will mark 80 years since the Rebbe and Rebbetzin arrived on the shores of the United States, escaping the horrors of war torn Europe and settling in “the lower hemisphere – chatzi kadur hatachton”.

The Rebbe spoke about the significance of this day several times, comparing it in some respects to Tes Adar the day that the Frierdiker Rebbe arrived in the United States. It marked a new stage in hafatzas hamaayanos by bringing the teachings of Chassidus to the lower hemisphere, as the final step in preparing the world for the geulah. In this part of the world,

Matan Torah did not yet take effect, and it remains our job to perform these final birurim in the lowest possible places.

Of course, this day calls for great celebration and gratitude to Hashem for the miraculous salvation and the great new wave of Torah and Chassidus that was revealed in its wake.

Indeed, there is a sense of anticipation and hisorerus amongst chassidim as this special day draws near.

To help chassidim prepare for and learn about this auspicious day, A Chassidisher Derher has printed a special supplement magazine dedicated to the theme and events of the day.

This beautiful new publication takes the reader on a journey through the story of the day and its impact on the trajectory of Jewish history. It allows the reader to re-experience this special day as it was celebrated by the Rebbe and gives a sense of the emotion that chassidim are currently feeling as the day nears.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the supplement magazine is available free of charge for communities and schools worldwide.

To arrange the magazine for your community or school, please contact (908)-770-9044 or email [email protected].

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