Machon Taharas Habayis to Ordain New Chosson Teachers

After rigorous training, Machon Taharas Habayis will ordain a group of yungeleit as Madrichei Chassanim. An updated list of approved teachers will be published with the launching of a new website.

Over the past 1.5 years, under the direction of Machon ‘Taharas Habayis’, an esteemed select group of energetic Mashpiim, young Mechanchim and outstanding yungeleit have been undergoing a rigorous and intense series of Shiurim, lectures, and training in all areas pertaining to building a “Bayis Neeman B’yisroel”.

Now, following much tireless effort, planning, and overseeing… With much praise and thanks to Hashem, Machon ‘Taharas Habayis’ has finally set a date:

Bezras Hashem Wednesday 19 Adar, Rabbonim and Mashpiim are set to present the yungeleit with their official ordination, and the Machon is set to officially release the updated list of Madrichei Chassanim as well as the launching of a website to help all reaching this special stage in life!

They have invested resources, endless hours of learning, being prepared by various presenters and veteran teachers, trained in the unique role a Chosson teacher plays. We are excited to finally reach this final step – while raising the bar!”

With unwavering dedication, these Chosson teachers are ready to teach, assist and support our young chassanim and guide them as they venture into the initial steps of marriage.

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