Machon Or HaChasidus to Hold Mega Sifrei Chasidus Sale

News about Machon Or HaChasidus’s annual Sifrei Chasidus sale reaches 150,000 doorsteps and mailboxes throughout the Tri-State Area! 

This week, ads were placed in 150,000 copies of news publications that were distributed throughout NY and the surrounding communities inviting the public to attend special Sifrei Chasidus sales that will be hosted throughout the tri-state area in honor of Yud Tes Kislev, the Rosh Hashana of Chasidus. 

The purpose of this media campaign is to spread the word about the sales as far as possible so that many more individuals can partake and be touched by the light and life that Chassidus has to offer. 

Last year, Machon Or HaChasidus hosted seforim sales throughout frum neighborhoods in the tri-state area, offering residents the opportunity to purchase Sifrei Chassidus at incredibly affordable prices. 

The reaction to the sales was tremendous. Tens of thousands of individuals visited the stands throughout the duration of the sales and were able to obtain Sifrei Chassidus through which they were zoche to taste from the sweet waters of the wellsprings of Chassidus. 

This year, there will be stands set up to service the communities in:

Boro Park (three central locations)

Williamsburg (three central locations)

Monroe (two locations) 

Lakewood (one location) 

Monsey (two locations)

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