Machon L’Yahadus Melave Malka in Honor of Vov Tishrei

Machon L’Yahadus will hold a Melave Malka this Motzei Shabbos in honor of Rebbetzin Chana’s yahrzeit, open to all women and girls in the community. 

Machon L’Yahadus will hold a Melave Malka this Motzei Shabbos, open to all women and girls in the community. 

The evening will be in honor of Rebbetzin Chana on the occasion of her 57th yartzeit. Machon L’Yahadus looks to Rebbetzin Chana, mother of the Rebbe, as the paradigm of Jewish womanhood and aims to educate its students in the spirit of her life. 

The celebration, which gets underway at 9:30 p.m. will feature Mrs. Esther Sternberg, whose stories of personal encounters always inspire and invigorate her audience. Rabbi Shloma Majeski, dean of Machon L’Yahadus will share an opening Dvar Torah.  Miss Ariel Diamond from California, a current Machon L’Yahadus student, will also speak. And Sofa Geula Yoffe from Moscow will sing.

“We are happy to share with the community the good news that our school is thriving. Despite the challenges that the pandemic brought for students from overseas and out of state, our dorm this year is full to capacity. We have an amazing group of enthusiastic students. Our teaching and support staff at Machon L’Yahadus are all passionate about what they teach and are devoted to the students,” notes Rabbi Shloma Majeski.

“When a young woman who was visiting Crown Heights in the summer contacted us, continues Rabbi Majeski, “and experienced the warmth and love of our staff, and then walked into our dorm she said, ‘This feels like home!’ She is joining us for the school year and before Rosh Hashana messaged us: ‘I want to tell you before the holiday that I’m really thankful for every second here. The classes are amazing. And all the crew. The Machon changed everything in my journey. Thanks to Hashem and thank you! Even though it’s only the beginning I still felt that I need to say it!’

The event will take place in the newly renovated second floor of the school at 825 Eastern Parkway. Anyone unable to attend in person can join on zoom Password: Torah.

Suggested donation for the Melave Malka is $10. You can partner with Machon L’Yahadus in honor of Vov Tishrei, or for any other special occasion by visiting, call the school us at 718-552-2422 or email [email protected]

Machon L’Yahadus is a division of the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education.

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