Machon L’Yahadus: A Guiding Light for Young Jewish Women


Support Machon L’Yahadus and Rabbi Shloma Majeski in their Shlichus of educating and guiding young women from all walks of life on their Jewish journey.

Every day, the classrooms of Machon L’Yahadus are filled with students, questions and warm conversations that last until the questioner is satisfied with the answer that she receives.

The environment is electric as the young women excitedly immerse themselves in their studies.

But the experience doesn’t end there.

For students who live in the Machon L’Yahadus dorm, they actually live what they learn. The passion and inspiration of the classroom is brought down to earth in dorm life.

The evening hours are filled with farbrengens and various activities for the women to take part in. Students can be found on the sofars deeply immersed in conversation and discovery at all hours.

The student body and staff are a family, and they all look out for each other and help however they can. Every new student is welcomed with open arms and remains a part of the family well beyond their time spent as an active student.

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