Lubavitchers Worldwide Utilize Summer To Plug-In To Moshiach Reality 

Over the summer, the brand new ‘Aspiration’ curriculum brought a new appreciation of Moshiach to Chabad communities and bungalow colonies.

A recently launched program from the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 brought energy and focus to the relaxed atmosphere of the warm summer months. Introducing the unique Moshiach approach to wanting and awaiting the Geulah, the lessons were geared towards Bochurim, high school students, seminary, and post-seminary young women and adults. Titled ‘Aspiration,’ men and women of all ages enjoyed the program in camps, bungalow colonies, and Lubavitcher communities worldwide. 

Based on the fundamental Maamar of V’ata Tetzaveh, this four-segment “TutAltz” curriculum thoroughly explored fundamental concepts regarding the coming of Moshiach and awaiting his arrival. The accompanying discussion cards stimulated much thought-provoking dialogue amongst participants. Summaries and recorded Shiurim helped bring the big picture into focus. 

Beautifully designed learning booklets with structured and clear lessons were drafted by the Tut Altz team for a pleasant learning experience. 

Created for chavrusa sessions or group learning, the curriculum reached a vast audience. Ms. Rivka Goldberg gathered a group of friends in Crown Heights weekly to study and discuss the lessons.  “We wanted something easy and accessible to learn together throughout the summer. Aspiration proved to be a really great choice,” shared Goldberg. “The curriculum was clear, easy to read, comfortable, and beautifully designed. Everyone enjoyed the presentation of the concepts and greatly appreciated the conversations they sparked.”

Tut Altz, a branch of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302, develops multifaceted programs focused on inspiring and educating Chassidim about the core purpose of our unique generation. ‘Aspiration’ concentrated on the time before Moshiach’s arrival and the Geulah approach to wanting and awaiting its coming. 

“Learning is the key to cultivating a true feeling. Through studying about Moshiach in an individualized and personal manner, we can attain true feelings of longing,” said Rabbi Shlomie Naparstek, Director of the Moshiach Office.

While for many, the summer is a time to detach and take a break, ‘Aspiration’ provided the opportunity to utilize the time to learn and connect to the reality of Moshiach. Innovative programming and educational curricula have been built by the Moshiach Office and are being rolled out for the coming year of Hakhel, uncovering a whole new perspective on the Geulah. 

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