Lubavitcher Woman Attacked in Unprovoked Assault

A Lubavitcher woman in Crown Heights was kicked in an unprovoked assault in Crown Heights on Tuesday afternoon. Shomrim are looking for the perp.

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A Lubavitcher woman was kicked in an unprovoked assault in Crown Heights on Tuesday afternoon, the latest in a string of attacks on visibly Jewish individuals in the neighborhood.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, at approximately 4:00 PM. While walking on Sterling Street, the victim crossed the street and began walking on the same side of the street as a masked black male.

With absolutely no provocation, and the woman still a few feet behind him, the perp turned around told the victim “don’t look at me.” The victim, who does not have a strong command of English, attempted to communicate with the man, but the man began advancing threateningly toward her before kicking her.

The woman then continued walking with the man right behind her until a passerby walked by the man, who then continued on his way.

Crown Heights Shomrim released a picture of the perp, asking anyone who has information regarding him to contact them and help them track him down.

If anyone has information, or if someone witnesses a crime, please immediately call Shomrim at 718-774-3333.

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  1. What are we doing about this? Every day another attack on another Jewish person– this is crazy! Something must be done. How come only when the Shluchos come to town was a Shomrim car going around the entire Shabbos day?? We need more security…..

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