Lubavitcher Attacked on Shabbos in Crown Heights

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A Lubavitcher man was slapped across the face in an unprovoked assault on Shabbos morning in Crown Heights. NYPD and Shomrim are searching for the perpetrator.

A Lubavitcher man was slapped across the face in an unprovoked assault on Shabbos morning in Crown Heights.

The assault took place on Shabbos Chazon at around 7:30 in the morning, as Menachem Zirkind was walking to Rayim Ahuvim Mikvah (Corner of Schenectady and Carrol).

He was walking on Schenectady between Eastern Parkway and Union and a tall black man began approaching him. Zirkind slowly moved the side but the man came right up to him.

“I looked up to see if he wanted to ask me something when he suddenly smacked me really hard across my face and walked off,” he told

“I was so scared that I kept on quickly walking away from him towards Union when suddenly I heard someone shouting so I turned around to see who it was,” he said.

A garbage collector who was nearby had witnessed the incident and asked Zirkind from afar if he was ok. He responded by motioning to him in the negative.

The collector motioned to me to stay where he was and he ran towards Eastern Parkway and went in the direction of Utica Av, the direction the man went. He came back a few minutes later and said that he was looking for cops that were in the area earlier but they weren’t there anymore. He told the victim that if he want he can go back and see where the guy went, and he agreed.

The garbage collector returned a few minutes later, having been unable to locate the assailant.

Shortly afterwards Zirkind went to the police outside of 770 and told them what happened. They filed a police report and they told him that a sergeant will come to his house shortly. About ten minutes later the sergeant arrived to ask him some more questions. They said they will investigate and when they find the perpetrator they will arrest him.

If anyone in the vicinity has any footage please call Mendy Hershkop from Shomrim at 718-774-3333.

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  1. thank you for the NYPD and all those involved to help catch the criminal, will there be extra security the rest of the summer? this is already the 2nd attack in the recent days..

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