Lubavitch Youth Organization Announces Hakhel Campaign

In accordance with the Rebbe‘s directive in 5748, Tzach announced a committee to head the central Hakhel office. Details to follow.

In 5748, the Rebbe launched the Hakhel campaign to bring awareness about the uniqueness of the year and specifically calling on each individual to take on their own Hakhel initiatives with a shturem.

In the times of the Beis Hamikdash, the Jewish people would gather to hear the King read from the Torah in an awe-inspiring manner, reminiscent of Matan Torah, when all Yidden united as one and heard Hashem speak. The purpose of Hakhel was to revitalize Yiras Shamayim and the overall observance of Mitzvos.

The message and purpose of Hakhel applies today just as before, even when we do not have the physical aspect of Hakhel. This is accomplished by uniting together men, women and children in the spirit of “Hakhel”.

The Rebbe specified that a central Hakhel office be set up which would be responsible to reach out to those that had taken on Hakhel resolution to encourage and assist them in planning their activities. In addition, all Hakhel activities could be reported to this central office.

This office received special attention from the Rebbe, to the extent that the Rebbe offered Rabbi Dovid Raskin of Tzach to personally pay half the full-time salary of the one appointed at its head.

With just under a month to the upcoming year of Hakhel, 5783, Lubavitch Youth Organization (Tzach) is appointing a new Board to spearhead the planning and implementation of the many Hakhel activities throughout the year.

This central office, to be referred to as the “Mateh Mivtza Hakhel” will be headed by Rabbi Shmuel Butman and will include:

Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon Director, Sichos In English

Rabbi Levi Greenberg – Chabad of El Paso, Texes

Rabbi Yossi Lew – Chabad of Peachtree, GA

Rabbi Mendel Raskin – Chabad of Cote S. Luc, QC

“There are Baruch Hashem many exciting new projects to be announced in the near future”, says Rabbi Shmuel Butman. “We are grateful to have such a dedicated team of people ready to give it all they got”.

“There is no doubt that this upcoming year will be full of Hakhel activities, we are working together to bring the Rebbe’s instructions regarding Hakhel to actuality”, says Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon.

Stay tuned for the many exciting resources and initiatives which are being prepared for release in the near future.

May we be zoche to the ultimate Hakhel in the Beis Hamikdash Hashlishi with the Rebbe our Melech at our lead.

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