Lubavitch Family Miraculously Survives Shooting Attack

A Lubavitcher family of 4 narrowly escaped death when an Arab terrorist opened fire at their vehicle from six feet away. Six bullets penetrated the family’s car.

An Arab terrorist opened fire on an Israeli car near the Hamra Junction in the Jordan Valley early Wednesday afternoon.

A couple from Kochav Yaakov was in the car with their two children, ages 6 and 9. The mother, 31, was lightly injured on her face from shattered glass, her husband, and children were uninjured.

The mother was treated at the scene and evacuated to the hospital for further treatment.

According to witnesses, the terrorists shot from a passing car. One witness was treated for shock. The Hamra Junction is the site of the murderous terror attack in which Lucy, Maia and Rena Dee, h’yd were murdered on Chol Hamoed Pesach.

A large number of security forces arrived at the scene and launched a manhunt for the terrorists who fled in the direction of Shechem.

Raphael Avneri, the father of the family that was attacked by Arab terrorists in a shooting attack in the Jordan Valley earlier today (Wednesday), recounted the attack to Ynet.

“We were returning home from vacation to Kochav Ya’akov when suddenly I saw a Palestinian vehicle driving suspiciously, moving from lane to lane and making u-turns. It turned on a red light to get to me,” he said.

“I thought it was a young driver or someone having fun with the vehicle,” he added. “Before the Hamra intersection, I decided to stop. I saw that he is moving to the other lane and was in front of me, and touching me a little. Then the car stopped, the front passenger door opened and the terrorist came out with an M-16 in his hand and walked towards us on foot. At that time I was two meters away from him.”

Avneri said that “at this point, my wife shouted, ‘It’s an attack, it’s a terrorist.’ I put the car in reverse and drove backward while he shot at us. In a few seconds, my car got stuck in a side ditch. Then the terrorist returned to his car and drove towards Shechem.”

Avneri’s wife was lightly injured when the terrorists in the other vehicle opened fire on the family’s car. The couple’s two children, ages six and nine, were also in the car when the shooting occurred. Six bullet marks were found on the family’s car.

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  1. Wow
    We ought to notice these miracles!
    This couldve chas vshalom ended in a big tragedy

    Miracles! Amazing

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