Los Angeles Farbrengen Marks First Yahrzeit of Rabbi Raichik

Photos: Zekey Schuller/Anash.org

The brothers and sons of Harav Shimon Raichik, along with local rabbonim, shluchim and guest speaker Rabbi Yisroel Deren, addressed a Los Angeles farbrengen celebrating Yud Tes Kislev and marking the yahrzeit of the community’s beloved rov

By Anash.org reporter

A farbrengen in Los Angeles marked the chag hageulah of Yud Tes Kislev and the first yahrzeit of the community’s beloved and respected rov, Harav Shimon Raichik a”h.

Hundreds gathered for the farbrengen, which was organized by the Chabad shuls and centers of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and was held in the Nessah Synagogue.

Addressing the farbrengen were the sons of Rabbi Raichik, including Harav Yisroel Noach, who recently arrived in Los Angeles to fill his father’s position; brothers of the senior rov: Rabbi Eliezer Raichik and Rabbi Sholom Raichik, and West Coast Head Shliach Rabbi Shlomo Cunin.

Also in attendance were Harav Ezra Schochet, rosh yeshiva of YOEC, and Harav Yosef Shusterman, shliach to North Beverly Hills and rov of anash.

The guest speaker of the evening was Rabbi Yisroel Deren, head shliach to Connecticut, who also continued farbrenging with a large crowd after the formal farbrengen concluded.

During the event, the Raichik family announced the launch of a project to build a new Chabad mikvah in the La Brea area, a lifelong dream of their father.

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