Los Angeles Celebrates Chag HaSmicha

In person and on Zoom, relatives and friends joined to rejoice as the bochurim of Kollel Tiferes Menachem of Los Angeles reached this momentous milestone of celebrating a Chag HaSmicha.

In person and on Zoom, relatives and friends joined to rejoice as the bochurim of Kollel Tiferes Menachem reached this momentous milestone and to celebrate a gala Chag HaSmicha. This year at Kollel Tiferes Menachem has been a very fulfilling one, baruch Hashem.

The bochurim were tested by HaRav Dovid Schochet and HaRav Boruch Hertz, who were deeply impressed with the students’ breadth of knowledge, both in their learning methodology as well as their familiarity with the many sources that influence the final halacha. At this final exam, Rabbi Shochet was truly amazed, and thanked Rabbi Schmukler for the excellent training, noting that the bochurim’s performance stands out and indeed is exceptional b”h.

Newly-ordained Rabbi Mendel Rav-Noy served as master of ceremonies. Among the speakers to address the crowd were Rabbi Boruch Shlomo Cunin – Head Shliach to the West Coast, Rabbi Boruch Hertz – Rav of Lubavitch Community of Chicago and ordaining rabbi, and Rabbi Dovid Schmukler – Rosh HaYeshiva of Kollel Tiferes Menachem.

A video presentation featuring the students from Kollel Tiferes Menachem gave the audience a glimpse into the nature of the bochurim’s regimen and achievements. Newly ordained Rabbis Mendy Friedman, Aron Greene, Chaim Kudan and Yosef Faygen addressed the crowd, delivering engaging Divrei Torah and expressing gratitude for an exceptional year. 

Mazal tov to the graduates! May this auspicious occasion be the stepping stone for many others bezH, with the new Rabbis taking leadership roles in rabbanus and shlichus the world over, as many already have. Baruch Hashem, quite a number of influential rabbonim, dayonim and shluchim are graduates of Kollel Tiferes Menachem, paving the road for the true, ultimate Geula. MeChayil el Choyil!

To request an application for the upcoming smicha year, please email [email protected]. Scholarships available.

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