Longest Running Anash Fund is a Lifeline for Local Families

Since the early years, the Rebbe showed special care for the Anash fund started by 770’s gabbai R’ Yochanan Gordon. This Purim, countless Anash families will turn to that fund for basic needs.

From the day that Anash families settled in New York, there was a demand for a fund that would care for their everyday needs. The Frierdiker Rebbe chose the esteemed chossid and gabbai of 770, R’ Yochanan Gordon, to head a special fund to support struggling Anash families for Pesach and year-round. Reb Yochanan ran this alongside his Gemach Shomrei Shabbos through which he gave interest-free loans to locals.

Since the beginning of the nesius, the Rebbe encouraged Reb Yochanan to grow the fund, and the Rebbe promised it would bring him and his family tremendous brachos. After his passing, the fund transferred to 770’s gabbai R’ Shiya Pinson, who collected the necessary funds and distributed them to local families in need.

Today, the fund continues to support tens of Crown Heights families who struggle with basic necessities. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many more families than usual are struggling to pay everyday expenses such as rent, mortgage and utilities.

Donate today to Keren Anash and help a Crown Heights family.

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