Lone Soldiers but Far From Alone

Chayal El Chayal is an organization that cares for the needs of IDF Lone Soldiers at home and on base. Their tireless efforts on behalf of the Lone Soldiers help to make sure their needs are met and they are never alone. They are currently holding their annual fundraiser – 5 tickets to Israel and a weekend stay at the Waldorf Astoria!

They are across the ocean. Thousands of miles from their family. 

They are in a new country, surrounded by a new culture, by people talking a new language. They have sacrificed years of their lives in order to protect her – the Holy Land. Our Holy Land. 

They are our heroes. 

They are called Lone Soldiers, yet they are not alone. 

Not anymore. 

Chayal El Chayal is their home away from home. For the last ten years, Chayal El Chayal has been there to provide IDF Lone Soldiers with a home base away from their army base. The hundreds of Lone Soldiers who have become part of the Chayal El Chayal family are a testament to their incredible success.

Chayal El Chayal emotionally adopts the youth who have selflessly volunteered for the Israeli army. They take care of their numerous needs and provide a plethora of programs ranging from Shabbat and Holiday meals, holiday packages, winter gear, monthly hikes, weekly classes and events, personal guidance throughout their army experience, and post-army networking events.

At Chayal El Chayal, every Lone Soldier is embraced as part of the family. It is within their walls that they find valuable support, community, and family.

Now, Chayal El Chayal is in the midst of their annual fundraising raffle in order to be able to continue to provide the valuable services that they provide to Lone Soldiers, every single day.

Partner with them in this holy mission and enter into a raffle where you can win 5 round-trip tickets to Israel and a weekend stay at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem!

Join the Chayal El Chayal Raffle now to help nourish the bodies, minds, and souls of hundreds of IDF Lone Soldiers this year.

Visit cecraffle.com to join the Chayal El Chayal family and to enter the raffle. 

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